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Most of us aren't like this young lady, getting a brand new car with pretty ribbon at such a young age. We work our butts off in order to take care of more important expenses and then have barely enough for a pizza on Thursday. There are so many companies out there that will screw us over and then find new ways to screw us after that. So, I am going to help you to figure out how to get that new car without having to deal with those scam artists at "Buy Here, Pay Here" car lots and the like.

If your credit is good, then just go to a new car dealer and apply. Use your credit rating as leverage to get the upper hand and let the salesman know that you are the alpha. He needs you and will act like he's doing you favors, but nope... he can do better. Don't take the first couple of offers no matter how good they sound... you are king this day.

With car buying, your credit is good or bad, there is no gray area. So, you have to prove to them why they can trust you enough to loan you money. They don't have to and as they see it, you are a risky investment. Nobody cares about "why" your credit is bad, they just care that it is. So, be prepared to pay the piper. The first thing I will say is do not go to a "Buy Here, Pay Here". They will charge you around 29% interest and they WILL NOT report your payments to the credit bureau and WILL NOT give you a warranty. Also, the cars there under-go no inspections other than making sure it's clean. Do not trust that they changed out any parts, fixed and problems or anything.... they WILL LIE TO YOU. They buy the cars at auctions and then they sell them after giving them a wash. I once traded in a car that had a blown head gasket with a Buy Here Pay Here and 5 hours later I drove by and that same car was for sale for 450% of it's value. That's bullshit.

Ok so what do you do? Well you need to rebuild your credit. There are 2 ways. Get a secured credit card and make your payments on time every month, never being late. Never using more than 30% of the available balance. Or, go to BlueSky Auto Financing and apply (it's free to apply) for a cheap used car there. They will work with major new car dealers like Kia and Toyota and work with your to rebuild your credit. They don't just lend to you and forget you. At major dealerships, their used cars DO get inspected and repaired. You will have a high interest loan, no way around that without a co-signer. But you will get a good car with a warranty and probably a few other perks like free oil changes for life. In many cases, they will tell you to come back after 12 months of ON TIME payments, NEVER LATE... to trade it in for a much ower rate around 4.5% to 6% interest since you just proved that they can trust you. So, for 12 months you pay your dues and then you essentially refinance that car or trade it in for a new model. Also by this time, they have reported the car to the 3 major credit bureaus for 12 months and as long as you have no other mistakes in that time, your credit score just jumped a lot. Places like BlueSky Auto Financing will help you to do this and you will pay a lot less than you would at a Buy Here Pay Here. They put you in touch with the best local dealer for you and they will help finance, or that local dealer will help you.

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